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Act One

Act One begins with Godfather Drosselmeir, in his toy shop, asking, "How did Franz become a Nutcracker?" We discover Franz was cursed by the Mouse Queen when Princess Pirlipat betrayed him.  

And so now, Godfather will bring The Nutcracker to a girl with a true heart, to Clara, in hopes that she will be able to see beyond his ugly face and find his heart of gold.

The Party becomes the backdrop as Drosselmeir tries to convince Clara to believe the ugly doll is really Franz while the boys interfere.

After the Party, Clara wonders if there really is a heart of gold behind The Nutcracker's ugly face. When the mice attack, Clara finally believes and breaks half the spell (for Franz still has the head of a Nutcracker.) They banish the mice and Franz asks Clara to go to with him to save his kingdom.

The Act ends as the Lands of Sweets awakes from its frozen enchantment and begins to thaw.

Act Two

Act Two opens as Clara and Franz arrive in the Land of Sweets to find it half frozen.  They are met by Franz's subjects greeting his return and asking for his help as Mother Ginger shows how she's had to hide the little Treats from the hungry Mouse Queen.  Franz fights & vanquishes the Mouse Queen, he and his kingdom are restored to former glory.

However, the fight had one horrible victim - Clara has fallen - and Drosselmeir says they must return her to her home before she dies.  The Sweeties give Clara a hero's farewell as Franz and Drosselmeir take her back home.

There she wakes, and worries - was it magic or just a dream?  She soon has the answer when Franz appears and they pledge their love.

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